Why do I need a Kitchen Designer?

An experienced kitchen designer can determine the most functional layout for your new kitchen, which includes your wish list items as much as possible within your budget, and ensures that the decisions you make will be a sound investment. There is a myriad of important decisions to be made, and a kitchen designer can work with you to realize your vision. She can help you to sort through the complex the choices for appliances, cabinetry, countertop materials, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and lighting decisions.

What are my options for cabinetry with C&K?

C & K can offer many options in terms of cabinetry depending on your budget. Our cabinet lines are all high-quality products but with a wide range of price. A linear foot budget for cabinets can provide a ballpark estimate of the overall cost before you have committed to a particular type of cabinetry. We can also provide estimates for your project construction and installation.

Why am I paying a Design Deposit?

C&K offers a free consultation to discuss your kitchen remodel and answer the question to help you make informed decisions about the next steps in the process. The Design Deposit of $1,495 is fully credited to your purchase of cabinetry from C & K. If you opt not to purchase the cabinetry, all of the drawings & design work done for your space is yours to keep.

Will I need an Architect for Interior changes?

In most cases, interior remodeling, including moving or removing interior walls and doors would not require a licensed architect and would be incorporated into our design drawings. If any structural changes are required, we will coordinate with our licensed Structural engineer to provide beam designs or reinforcement.

What if I already have a contractor?

C & K can coordinate with your contractor if you prefer, but we recommend using our expert installers for your cabinetry installation. They will ensure the measurements are correct and handle the delivery, as well as the cabinet, hardware, & appliance panel installation to ensure that your investment in cabinetry turns out beautifully.

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