When you know your kitchen is in desperate need of an update but have no idea where to start, it’s time to turn to a custom cabinet designer. A kitchen designer in Greenwich will create a custom cabinet experience that organizes your home. If this is your first home renovation project, don’t worry! We’ll explain how a custom cabinet designer can enhance your kitchen and how to best utilize their service.

Do I Need A Kitchen Designer?

It’s likely you’ve never studied the layout of your kitchen and how it relates – or doesn’t – to your daily life. A kitchen designer understands where drawers and cabinets are placed can make using your space a breeze. When you work with Curry & Kingston, our experienced kitchen designer will visit your home. She will observe how you use the area and recommend changes that will simplify how you operate.

Not only will a kitchen designer better organize your space, but the cosmetic changes will transform your kitchen. The beauty of using a custom cabinet designer is you get to choose exactly how your space will look. From color to hardware, custom cabinets create a kitchen that reflects your style.

How To Work With A Kitchen Designer

When you hire your kitchen designer, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re utilizing all his or her skills. Make your time with the custom cabinet designer more useful by implementing these five tips:

  1. Consider your current kitchen. Be able to explain what works in your current space and what you would like to change. Consider how much cooking and entertaining you do. What functionality pieces do you want to change?
  2. Know your style. If you haven’t considered what type of custom kitchen cabinetry you like, the choices can be overwhelming. Ask your kitchen designer for photos of different styles or look some up on your own. Having an idea of the look you like will make the renovation easier.
  3. Understand custom kitchen cabinet options. There are multiple types of wood, sizes, and features. Ask your kitchen designer to explain the difference in the materials.
  4. Set your budget ahead of meeting. If you know your budget for the kitchen renovation, that will help guide your kitchen designer. Certain custom cabinets will fall within your price range. You’ll also know how much of the budget can be allocated to other features, like lighting or countertops.
  5. Understand your timeline. Share with your kitchen designer when you’ll be ready to launch the project. A kitchen renovation with custom cabinetry can take up to 10 weeks based on your choices. Have a timeline for you and your designer.

Make your kitchen renovation easier by working with a kitchen designer and preparing yourself for the project. Understand how your family uses the space and make choices that are realistic to your lifestyle. An all-white, elegant kitchen is beautiful in the magazine, but if you have a growing family and cook regularly, you’ll want custom cabinets that are easy to clean.

Curry & Kingston is excited for your kitchen renovation and our custom cabinet designer, Kathy, has time available to meet with you. Schedule your consultation today and transform the space where life happens.

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