Choosing your kitchen backsplash is a bigger decision than getting the color right. Of course, you want your cabinets and backsplash to coordinate, but to create a custom kitchen that is functional for your family, you must also consider material and clean up. Backsplash options that are easy to wipe off or material that’s made to last through the toddler years may be high on your priority list. To help you look beyond the color or shape of backsplash options, we’re breaking down which concepts work best for your kitchen based on your lifestyle, cabinets and flooring.

Best Kitchen Backsplash For Cleaning

If easy upkeep is a focus for your kitchen backsplash, there’s a way to create a custom kitchen without having to worry about the mess left behind on the kitchen walls. The best kitchen backsplash ideas for easy cleaning include:

  • Marble: A marble backsplash is a seamless backsplash that allows you to avoid the pains of cleaning grout. Marble can be wiped with a wet cloth but should be immediately dried to prevent water spots from forming. It’s also important to know that marble must be sealed each year so that the porous material doesn’t absorb bacteria, water, and other content.
  • Glass: Glass backsplashes come in a variety of colors and can be easily cleaned with a cloth, vinegar solution, or the window cleaner you have sitting beneath the kitchen sink.
  • Stainless Steel: A stainless steel backsplash pairs well with dark custom kitchen cabinets. The silver is a break from the deep color and is a breeze to clean. Use warm water and a squirt of dish soap to clear off grease splatter and other residue.
  • Ceramic: If you opt for ceramic tile, simply wipe dirt and grease away with a paper towel. Then use a degreaser to remove stuck-on debris from the backsplash. Wipe again with a clean, wet rag and dry if needed.

For growing families or those who love to cook, choosing a kitchen backsplash that integrates well with custom cabinetry and is easy to clean is a main priority.

White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

While custom cabinet trends are seeing a turn toward deep, rich colors, white kitchen cabinets still remain the most desired option. For a white kitchen, there are endless possibilities when it comes to kitchen backsplash ideas.

  • Neutral: To keep the neutral pallet in the kitchen, use a white and gray backsplash. A herringbone style can add texture to the space without a dramatic pattern or color.
  • Splash of color: If you want the kitchen backsplash to add character to the white custom kitchen cabinets, use a saturated color that will stand out in contrast of the white, blank space. A Moroccan Tile design in a blue or red will bring life to the kitchen.
  • Classic: One of the most classic color combinations can’t escape the white kitchen backsplash concepts. Black and white can be paired for an elegant appearance. Try a sleek black marble or tile as a contrast to the white cabinets.

White kitchens act as a blank canvas for kitchen backsplash ideas. If you’re unsure which color or material will work best for your needs, connect with an established kitchen designer to consider the best choice for your lifestyle.

Popular Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Whether you’re going for an intricate and striking design or simple and clean look, the kitchen backsplash can help showcase your style.

  • Pressed Tin: Decorative ceiling tiles can add texture and character to your custom kitchen design. The pressed tin tiles typically pair well with light or dark colors and work best when they can be the star of the show.
  • Stone: Bring the outdoors in with a rustic stone kitchen backsplash. The style comes in a variety of colors, so whether you’re sticking with a neutral pallet or want a true stone color, your look can be achieved.
  • Mirror: For small or dark kitchens, a mirror backsplash can be a great way to add light to the space and help the area feel bigger.
  • Waterproof Wallpaper: For the custom kitchen that needs a specific design or color, a waterproof wallpaper is a great option. The material is easy to wipe off and when you’re ready to change the look, it’s easier to remove than other backsplash options.
  • Chevron: While basic tile backsplash may be something you want to avoid in your custom kitchen, you may like the boldness of a chevron design. Choose from nearly any color you can imagine and create a focal point in the room.

While there are many other kitchen backsplash design ideas, this list goes beyond the predictable subway tile to give your space character and dimension.

Pairing Backsplash With Custom Cabinets

There’s no one right way to pair a backsplash with your custom kitchen cabinets. You want to consider functionality, material, and aesthetics. Kitchen backsplash trends for 2019 suggest height and size matter.

Many custom kitchen designers are incorporating the backsplash up to the ceiling.  As many custom kitchens utilize open shelving or make space for more windows, a backsplash that covers the entire wall highlights a specific area of the kitchen.

Large subway tiles are also making an entrance into custom kitchen design. The traditional size tile – 3” x 6” – is expanded to 4″x 8″ or larger. The larger tiles are a great choice for small kitchens to create a continuousness, which makes the room feel larger.

Don’t be afraid to step into bold colors and patterns when you create your custom kitchen. Incorporate a Moroccan fish scale, chevron, herringbone, or laser cut tile design to enhance the look of your kitchen. If cleanup is a focus, choose a smooth material that eliminates grout lines and can be wiped clean with a simple cleaning solution.

The backsplash in your kitchen is a good opportunity to introduce your style while still making it a functional element of your home.  Tell your custom kitchen designer your goals for the space to ensure each element of your kitchen is working together to create the multi-functional area your family can enjoy for years to come.

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