For those with a need for bright spaces and a clean look, you’ll be relieved to know white custom kitchen cabinets aren’t fading away. While white cabinetry may still be one of the most popular choices in kitchen design, dark kitchen cabinets are making their way into the trends to look out for in 2019.

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show held in Las Vegas in late February revealed kitchen cabinet colors not often used in custom kitchens before this year. The show highlighted dark cabinet tones and countertops made of engineered materials with natural colors. The trends seem to follow the understanding that a kitchen is so much more than a food prep and dining space. Today’s family uses the kitchen for everything from holiday gatherings to Algebra homework. The environment needs to reflect the feel of the home, create a comfortable space, and allow the family to multi-task.

Kitchen cabinet colors were seldom thought of just a few decades ago. The kitchen served a mainly utilitarian purpose and aesthetics were an afterthought to function. In today’s modern kitchen, colors and material meet functionality and comfort, allowing your design to reflect your personality while also serving your family’s needs.

2019 Cabinet Trends

White kitchen cabinets remain a popular choice, with some 43 percent of recently renovated homes choosing the color, according to Houzz. However, this year is seeing the emergence of rich, deep colors like deep blues, gray, and wood.

Navy Blue Cabinets

Many countertop makers are shifting designs to match navy kitchen cabinets. The color choice is emerging as a hot trend in custom kitchen design. Navy cabinets in an open floor plan give a kitchen warmth and can be partnered with a variety of hardware colors. Matte silver or nickel offers an eye-catching contrast to the deep blue hue, or you can opt for copper, a popular trend in bathroom and kitchen design.

Gray Hues

Gray is the third most in-demand kitchen cabinet color, according to a Houzz survey. The moodier grays – charcoal, gray cashmere, pewter – can be used with a matte finish or high gloss to add drama to any kitchen. For many homeowners who want a custom kitchen but want to opt for something other than white, gray is a natural neutral to lean toward. For those unsure of diving into the dark kitchen colors, gray is a strong choice.

Anything But…Basic Black

Custom black cabinets create a statement piece in your kitchen. The color is often used in lower cabinetry and can be mixed with white cabinets over top or glass-front panels for visual interest. Under-cabinet lighting works especially well with dark cabinets and open shelving is a great way to break up the deep tone.

Kitchen Counter Trends

In addition to the dark kitchen cabinets, another trend seen everywhere throughout the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show was the use of dark colors in counters and a display of engineered quartz countertops. You’ll want your countertop to be one that matches your kitchen cabinet color but also stands up to everyday use. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen or building a custom home, include these kitchen counter trends in your design.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is the man-made version of the versatile Quartzite. It is made nearly entirely of ground quartz, with only six to 10 percent of each slab being resin materials. The manufactured quartz is not a custom design. It is created in slabs of set sizes and thicknesses that vary by manufacturer. The slabs are chosen to fit your specific project and then cut and installed in pieces. This kitchen countertop material is naturally resistant to dents, scratches, and abrasions. Even without sealant, the material unaffected by acids.

Colors Of Engineered Quartz

Counters that are created from the material come in a wide range of colors. While engineered quartz does tend to be more popular in natural colors, like white and black, the kitchen countertop material is also available in reds, brown, and a variety of patterns.

The patterning of engineered quartz depends on how coarsely the quartz is ground. Finely ground quartz will give a smooth appearance, while coarsely ground stone has a flaked look. The patterns are becoming more complex and richer in color. 

  • Black: Black engineered quartz is often paired with a bright white or metallic, like gold, to create a statement piece that pairs nicely with dark cabinets.
  • Navy: The classic deep blue hue continues its reign in the kitchen with manufactured countertop materials. Navy-flecked counters are easily paired with the trending dark blue cabinets or add a splash of color to white kitchen cabinets.
  • Gray: As one of the most requested counter colors, gray is often used in engineered quartz. From a deep charcoal gray that can enhance an industrial look, to flakes of gray that add color to a white palette, this neutral pairs well with nearly any kitchen cabinet color.

Wood-look Counters

While natural wood and butcher-block counters have been used over the years, especially with the popular farmhouse kitchen trend, designers are now turning to wood-look materials for counters. The designs resemble a variety of wood grains, with many colors intended to compliment the dark kitchen cabinet colors.

Backlit Counters

Several manufacturers are now using backlighting to enhance the design of their counters. Engineered quartz is brought to life with lights that enhance taupes and beiges, giving them a glowing effect.

As more kitchen designers, remodelers, and builders demand darker counter colors, manufacturers are leaning their product lines toward the deep hues. For remodels and custom kitchen designs that are completed this year and into next, dark cabinets and countertops are the sleek new trend. Colors are being used to create a new atmosphere in what was once a purely utilitarian space. Countertops that are smooth and expansive are ideal for food prep, dinner parties, and family game night. Use these 2019 kitchen trends to create equal parts culinary workspace and afterschool homework area.

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