1. Products and materials: deciding to buy more expensive products or materials will surely increase the costs associated with renovation.
  2. “Good design , not price, is what makes cabinets sing. The right design can make your kitchen look expensive, without the added cost of high-end custom.”
  3. Special features: there are always options on the interior, such as “magic corners”, knife drawers, spice or wine racks. There are so many accessories you can add to cabinetry, but before you commit, you may want to consider how much you will actually use it.
  4. Upgrading countertops: Countertop materials & installation can vary widely. Quartz (man-made) and granite can run from $50-$120 per square foot. Some marbles, like Calacatta Gold can run over $200/ square foot. Special edge * and built-up thicknesses can add more cost.
  5. Appliances: luxury brands like Wolf + Sub-Zero are priced at the higher end of the range, and brands like GE are more budget oriented. A Sub-Zero refrigerator could cost over $8,000, while a basic GE model could cost under $600. Appliances have a huge range in price, so do your research and find out what you get for the various price ranges so that you can determine if the price of upgrading is worth the expense for your family.
  6. Unforeseen structural issues. Beyond the costs that the owner controls by selecting finishes and materials are the costs from unforeseen issues. You may open up a wall and find out there is plumbing or HVAC ducts that have to be relocated. You may find inadequate support in a ceiling and need to add a support beam. Some pre-project diligence and selective demolition may catch the problem ahead of time, it’s good budgeting to reserve a 10-15% contingency in your budget in case of surprises.
  7. Design Changes: Making design change once a renovation has begun will typically cost more. The more decisions you can make about finishes and materials before construction starts, the better off you will be. Choosing materials that end up having long lead times, such as custom mosaic tiles for a backsplash can mess up the schedule and 1. cost more money 2. Take more time, which will cost more. If you can’t pick out the exact material in advance, at least set a budget and a generic description, such as “¼ quartz countertop with an eased edge”.
  8. Mission Creep: This is the term for what happens when you’re new kitchen renovation looks amazing.. And then you decide you have to redo the fireplace surround and add built-in bookcases in the family room. That’s when your mission has expanded to include more work than what you had planned initially.
It’s more than just a house.
It’s your home.