What’s Trending in Greenwich Kitchen Design in 2017?

Greenwich is unique within Fairfield County in the design aesthetics that homeowners and local designers bring to the table. The town’s proximity to New York City facilitates the mixing of urban design elements into a suburban environment that ranges from 12,000 square foot mansions in back country to 1,600 square foot bungalows in Old Greenwich.

Residents of Greenwich are often New York City or international transplants and have an affinity for urban decor and design.  They may have an existing relationship with a NYC designer who may bring a certain edge to their new ‘country’ home.  At the same time, designers based in Greenwich are well versed in NYC trends.

These design influences have a definite affect on Greenwich kitchen design. Kitchen spaces tend to be less traditional in Greenwich than in Fairfield County overall and a bit more cutting edge and transitional. Materials and elements are mixed, and it takes a talented designer to make these varied components blend into a seamless, unified look.

Within this design melting pot is it sometimes difficult for a Greenwich homeowner at any budget level to find their own unique design style, which is why it helps to have a designer on board as a ‘trend interpreter’. A good designer can help you identify the trends that are worth adopting, vs. those that will date your kitchen.

Here’s what I’m seeing for kitchen design trends in Greenwich for 2017 – what to avoid and what to embrace…

Cabinets: White is still the predominant color, whether modern or transitional. European modern kitchens are blending high gloss lacquer cabinets with rustic wood accents. Warm accents make a kitchen feel more welcoming and look less like an operating room. In American-made transitional cabinetry, stained walnut and gray are the most popular accents. Cabinetry don’ts: Unless it’s a classic interpretation, there few situations where two tone cabinets work. Tread carefully here!

Organization: Efficient storage space is always essential, and there are multiple accessories to maximize corner spaces, such as the Hafele LeMans or Magic corner. Of course the best solution is to avoid corners if possible unless they can be accessed from the opposite side. Drawer base cabinets can be customized in multiple ways to make storage more accessible.

Countertops: My new favorite product is Neolith, a porcelain material, that is eco-friendly and impervious to staining or heat. It is a highly versatile material that can be used for backsplash, shower walls, and countertops. For those who don’t mind the TLC, Carrara and Calacatta marble are still the most popular natural stones.

Hardware: Large pulls in chrome or polished nickel, straight lines vs. curves, and integrated pulls with flush doors and drawers are popular in the European cabinets.

Appliances: Integrated appliances with clean lines that appear to be a part of the cabinet are becoming more popular despite the cost. Refrigerator and freezer drawers that can be conveniently located, vs. one large refrigerator in the kitchen are also in.  No more spare refrigerator in the basement or garage. Induction cooktops are becoming more popular – they’re efficient and green – and integrate very well into a modern European style kitchen.

The Kitchen/Great Room: Open plan concept with the kitchen and living area combined is popular, especially for smaller homes and condominiums. Typically a large island grounds the space between the kitchen functions and the great room, and provides a serving and gathering area. Colors: Some designers may be tired of these hues, but soothing grays and whites are still very popular for kitchens, with pops of bright color for accessories and artwork. For bar areas and butler pantries, darker colors tones are popular, in either stained wood or paint.

Technology: Smart homes with lighting, temperature and electronics controlled by WiFi are becoming more popular. Liquor cabinets controlled by key-less ‘smart locks’ can keep youngsters out of the 18 year scotch. High tech refrigerators can help your family maintain a healthy lifestyle, but prices are high and adoption is low. Most people are adopting energy saving LED light bulbs throughout the home – just be sure to get the lumens and color temperature right for each room and task. Lighting is an art.

Many of the features I’ve described above can be seen in the new Curry & Kingston Cabinetry showroom in Greenwich, CT.  Stop by anytime or email me for an appointment. I’m happy to chat about your project. View more of my interior design work on Houzz.

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